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Kennett Square PA

Things To Do in Kennett Square

Local Attractions:

Longwood Gardens

The Creamery

Mushroom Festival

Anson B. Nixon Park

Galer Winery

The Willowdale Steeplechase

Paradocx Vineyards

The Country Butcher



Talula's Table

Two Stones Pub


La Verona

Hearth Kitchen

Lily's Asian Restaurant

Cafe de Thai

The area to become known as Kennett Square was originally inhabited by the Lenape Native Americans. Once colonized, the town was named Kennet Square, with the name "Kennet", England, and "Square" coming from the original land grant from William Penn of one square mile. General Sir William Howe marched through Kennett to the Battle of Brandywine during the American Revolution. It was also known as an important part of the Underground Railroad, which helped slaves escaping to the North for freedom. Many of its prominent citizens helped slaves escape on the Underground Railroad. In 1853, a group asked for Kennett Square to be incorporated, and by 1855 it held elections.

Kennett Square's founder is credited with introducing mushroom growing to the area. He grew carnations, a popular local commodity around 1885, and wanted to make use of the wasted space under the elevated beds. He imported spawn from Europe and started experimenting with mushroom cultivation.

Kennett Square is a borough in Chester CountyPennsylvaniaUnited States. It is known as the Mushroom Capital of the World because mushroom farming in the region produces over 500 million pounds of mushrooms a year, totaling half of the United States mushroom crop. To celebrate this heritage, Kennett Square has an annual Mushroom Festival, where the town shuts down to have a parade, tour mushroom farms, and buy and sell food and other goods.